Legal translation is amongst the hardest because of the complexity of language and the absolute clarity and accuracy required. At the root of our philosophy is a deep understanding that legal and business translation is an intensely rigorous and intricate task. Whilst always adhering to the principle of faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance in our translation, our nimble and fast-paced team members work together to deliver quality translation by the deadline agreed with clients.

In the fields of legal and business communication, precise translation serves as a cross-language and cross-cultural communication means, greatly reducing financial and time costs for you, sharpening your regional and global competitive edge and helping you effectively realize your business value.

Since legal and business translation concerns our clients’ legitimate rights and financial interests, the demand for faithfulness to source documents far exceeds translation in any other field. As such, faithfulness is the soul of legal translation and also the most fundamental requirement. At the same time, expressiveness and elegance are vital to effectively convey the meaning of original documents, bridging the gap between the two different languages. In order to maintain our principle, we only assign our translators to translate documents in their own familiar fields into their first language, giving full play to the unique advantages of translators from different cultural backgrounds and in different professional fields.

All our translated documents undergo rigorous proofreading to ensure both linguistic and technical accuracy and consistent usage of terms. From the first draft to the final product, each process is strictly undertaken in accordance with our prescribed procedures.

We will estimate the amount of time we need to translate and deliver a document on the basis of our clients’ timeline requirement. We undertake that all translated documents will be delivered strictly by the agreed date and time.

Being a market-oriented principle, we strive to keep fees competitive. We will make every endeavor to find the most appropriate solution to meet your requirement so as to achieve maximal cost-efficiency for you.

We know our strengths and we know our target market’s needs. If you give us an opportunity to serve you, we promise to reward your trust in us with translations that are well done in a timely manner at competitive fees.